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September, 2007

Our First Dog Show!

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- - - We did it!
We participated in the Monroe dog show! I accomplished my three goals!

Two judges commented that Bindi has a wonderful temperament! That really excited me.

While she may never come close to winning her class much less become a conformation show champion, I am really grateful for the experience of showing her in a conformation show. It was exciting and fun. It challenged us both to learn and grow.

Bindi is a wonderful family pet with the potential to be a good working dog. I will continue to work with her to prepare for Rally and Obedience Trials. This is my passion. I truly enjoy obedience work.


Bindi is entered in the Dog Show in Monroe on August 31 and September 1. It will be fun and exciting just to participate.
(I hope I am ready!).
As a child, I dreamed of participating in a Dog Show. Now I can accomplish that dream.

My goals for this dog show are first to have fun, second to experience a dog show, and third not to make a fool of myself in the ring.



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