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Heidi  and  Bindi

 June - August 2007

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08/10/07 - - Bindi

06/22/07 - - Bindi

06/22/07 - - Heidi & Bindi

Bindi is in Puppy Kindergarten class at Red River Obedience Training Club in Shreveport for 4 weeks in June. She is learning the basics of sit, stay, down, stay, walk (heel) on a leash, and socializing with other puppies and owners.

One of our classmates writes for the Shreveport Times newspaper. She writes the Shreveport Times "Heard Around Town" blog and has written about our class and her Rottweiler, Tank.      

06/17/07 - - Bindi sleeping


Photos of Bindi  at 8 and 9 weeks old.  Photos: April 2007

 - More Photos April 2007


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